Oh! My Country!

“You should always be proud of where you came from” is what they say, but can that be said for our dear country Nigeria? Me and you will both answer that question at the end of this article
My country Nigeria is once called the giant of Africa but right from onset I have always have this question in mind that what exactly is my country great at?. is it corruption, embezzlement, or nonchalant attitude from the citizens towards their civic right and responsibility?
October 29, 2018 Bangladesh jailed a formal prime minister on corruption charges but in my country, corrupt officials get accolades and applaud for been corrupt can we say this is the fault of the leaders or the fault of the citizens that are only resilient to things that matter to their Family not knowing there can be only beauty around when there is love at home?. We glorify the leaders that steal with their pen and unleashed wickedness and terror In the name of jungle justice to petty thief in the street. We all glamour for the stop of killing by the religion extremist boko haram but are we the citizens any better than them?, you sell marijuana to secondary school kid and you call it business not knowing you are destroying more generation than those that goes about massacring innocent people.
Recent happenings in the country make me sick. It appears in Nigeria if you do not steal or embezzle public funds you are not recognized. Nobody says that people should not enjoy from what they do. However, the brazen disrespect for public funds in the country is outrageous and horrendous. I have watched and read with dismay how many Nigerian so called big men have been arraigned in court in recent times for mismanagement of public funds. Ordinarily this should be a thing of joy as it shows those who have tried to enrich themselves with public funds are being brought to book. However, it appears the whole thing now looks like a mockery and deceit of the Nigerian citizens. If not how else should one explain crowds gathering to sing the praises of those arraigned in court for fraud and embezzlement? Every time some one is taken to court, there are people who will be dressed in uniforms in support of those individuals, clapping, singing and raining curses on the supposed enemies. There are people waiting to see their big men granted bail. The question is who pays for the uniforms? Who organizes these events when the individuals in question were supposed to be hounded in cells?
How well can you explain a country of over 9,000 varsity processor and thousand of B.Sc holders naming a state (Port Harcourt) after a pedophile and rapist ( Lewis Harcourt), can we say no one is concerned about the image of this country or are we all just a an “Educated illiterate”? Or a country of over 180 million submitting a wrong Coat of Arm to Wikipedia the more we try to salvage what is left of this country the more it is collapsing.
It appears that we are not concerned enough with the fact that the Nigeria is going mechanically and morally backward. It follows that for what is, in essence, inexcusable, we must make no allowances. Refusal to equate right and wrong in any walk of life will bring no great success and may involve some obloquy.
These people who have misappropriated public funds have responsibilities in their hometowns, their states and the country at large which they have left. In a democratic country, whenever we cast our votes we contribute in a very real sense towards guiding the country’s destiny. Therefore those entrusted with public funds by way of their political status who misuse them have cases to answer and should be seen to do so. We (the Nigerian public) should not stand and celebrate in jubilation those that are punishing us as well as we punish ourselves.

My name is Nobilist and I just want to make a common sense. Thank you

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