I just don’t like, to drop my flows In English
I am not from the British
but like Ross I’m the big rich
I just wanna be evergreen like dagrin or like eedriz
Yoruba is my culture
And I love the way I’m nurtured
Ibile is my portion
I’m get’n paid when you suffering dos that mean I’m a vulture
I just want my name in pink
because I will never sink
I was born to rap & sing
Daddy emrys morakinyo, all my sons are kings
I hate listening to rumors
more than sneh I’m gonna do more
Steadily I cash, aw never broke for Two month
Like ola I’m bad though, reminisce know I’m 2mush


When I’m sad, alone when I’m happy
I love to play meek sometimes champagne pappi
I love to smoke weeds with my bottles all around me
At the beach under the trees, reasoning like an army
next to me, wanna see a mermaid
Romancing me on béd, sucking my sugar cane
Play’n with D flowers with my headphone on my head
Listening on my ever greens songs with my hear
Oh in that moment, wanna see butterflies
Flying round my body, with the alcohol in ice
wanna see goons, around me playing dice
Gambling, wanna see kids with their kite
wanna be a legend, the one uw always talk about
I wan my name everywhere, I wan tracks to fuck around
Yoruba nimi, proud to be indigenous
Eminensse sir laaffin, I am unridiculous


Instagram @sirlaaffin_esuponbele
Facebook: Eminensse Daddyemrysalaaffin


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