The Joy of studying is passing with good grade, been able to say “this is my result”, while this is true in most cases, others feels like they have been cheated. Many feel they have not been properly graded and some feel they have not been given their main scores. An awareness campaign starting with a note in which hopefully would get to the school management was released yesterday.This is its content:

I am writing this with sad mind…. i see no reason why ACE(Adeyemi College Education) lecturers will not mark and graded students according what he/she wrote during Examination . it is obvious that we hav been given random scores in our CA which had not be favoring us, especially in the listed dept BIOLOGY,ENGLISH,CHEMISTRY,ECONOMICS,HISTORY, and other depts.
i just want the lecturer to know they have kids and they are also parents. many of us here are working hard to make provision for different fees assigned to us by the school management while many parents suffered intensely for them to send their kids to school, all what the lecturers could do is to fail students.
i was made to understand that ; ” if a teacher teaches and half of the class failed, he/she too is a failure”. We heard about massive failure in biology department recently, in which more than scores failed in zoo and botany results, in which we were told 320 sat for the respective courses and 198 & 175 failed. What really baffled us was a student who pleaded for anonymity, in which she scored 11f, how on earth could this happened? What happen to her CA? this is what really put the entire students in darkness, one of our corresponded even told us about how 60% failed and 30% scored D&E, same happened to GUIDANCE and COUNSELING STUDENTS in which majority of the class had F in a course they borrowed from economic department, as same thing also happened in English department where students fail woefully in DRAMA, PHONETICS &
PHONOLOGY… despite their commitment coupled with acting, practicing, and several activities day and night in obasanjo lecture theatre
can we really say they are lazy to study or they were failed by their instructors.
what really happen to the sleepless night we had during exam? What is the excess of reading hard? instead of us to be motivated and graded well, all they could do is to fail us.
Now exam has commenced again , the students are already discourage cox they all believe same story will happen. can we say we fail school or school has failed us? This will always be my question to all Nigeria 🇳🇬 students and to all Arbicans.
The SUG ain’t doing nothing neither do all class reps are ready to fight for anybody.
In lieu to this, we adhere all Arbicans not to stop praying and not to lose hope as the exam has already commenced.
One Love!!!
*Everybody should note that history is inevitable either it speaks for you or against you and what so ever you sow , you shall reap*

Most comments were dropped regarding the issue online and some includes ;


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