Welcome to the first episode of our weekly program STATE AFFAIRS Anchored by no other person but GENERAL HB.

Adebodun Ridwan Adedolapo
Born on October 1 199*, in Ibadan

Educational background

start his primary education at Iman nursery and primary school..
Acquired secondary school certificate in ikolaba grammar school…..
Proceed to federal polytechnic offa
Is also a good lover of Chelsea football club

Still a student but also in jewelry business

The CEO of G&A Son
ANCHOR: Permit me to introduce to you my guest for tonight…

Mr. Ridwan you are welcome Sir

Mr. Ridwan: My greeting to you all in the house, I’m Dr honorable Adebodun Ridwan Adedolapo, I’m happy to be here with you.

ANCHOR: Good, February 16th is around the corner your take on it?

Mr Ridwan: Yes ..February 16th is great day to choose the sailor that will sail us to the destination we are dreaming of. But Our people are not taking serious in act as they talk about it

ANCHOR: Serious in which aspects Sir

Mr Ridwan: Few of Nigerian citizens are powerless to vote They ignored the evangelize of getting PVC

ANCHOR: Exactly Sir,We have 5/4 leading candidates your take about the rest?

Mr Ridwan: We have 31 candidates in 4 candidate major for the rest

ANCHOR: What can you say about the rest?

Mr Ridwan: Its shows we are still lacking in term of organising

ANCHOR: Madam Obi Ezekwesili one the presidential aspirant stepped down three days ago, Describe her actions towards Nigerians?

Mr Ridwan: Initially we ought not to have candidates as much as that but now my advice to the rest is to join hand with there wish candidate like madam obi,She has good reason for the step down. I mentioned initially that the other candidates should join hand with there wish party among the 4 leading party Madam Obi step in order to join hand with other party to defeat APC and PDP

ANCHOR:PMB and Atiku shun presidential debate, don’t you see it as a big slap on our democracy?

Mr Ridwan: I don’t think it’s a slap on our democracy

ANCHOR: But coming to the debate will give elite insight about this two candidate…. Elite I say Sir

Mr Ridwan: Most of time “thieves” wins debate With is sugary mouth
I don’t that should issue for we Nigerians

ANCHOR: Donal Duke, Kingsley Moghalu, sowore, if this three candidates form alliance can they defeat PMB and Atiku?

Mr Ridwan: They can’t

ANCHOR: Why did you said so, you the power of alliance in our political system in Nigeria

Mr Ridwan: Northern part of this took almost 60% With my research it shows that almost 40 of them support PMB

ANCHOR: Atiku coming back as president after we see his impact the sell of major companies in Nigeria, is it a blessing or what?

Mr Ridwan: It is a great disaster to our country if Atiku should become president, Let go back to beginning of Atiku as custom officer He has bad reputation,He was dismissed, He gave his boss OBJ though time as Saraki is doing to PMB Let take a look at selling of PHCN Does it bring good change to our electricity supply?

ANCHOR: PMB said is taking us to Next level… Did you believe that?

Mr Ridwan: Yes I believe that man
It brings about new things in this country

ANCHOR: In which aspects Sir?, Atiku said if he emerge as president he will sell 10% of NNPC, your take on this statement of Atiku?

Mr Ridwan: He expose the real place where corruption being affecting this country I wish this forum is in form of speechAs I said previously that Atiku is a great disaster to this country Why do we need to sell part of nnpc? Why can’t we rehabilitate our refineries And use the income from it to develop our agriculture PMB is the president that made us to think of our agriculture not the oil alone Selling 10% of NNPC is a scam Their plan is to have all benefits that ought to flow around in to their personal territory

ANCHOR:Which area did you want PMB to improve on Sir?

Mr Ridwan: This country need good improvement in judicial system

ANCHOR: Your advice for the electorate during and after elections Sir?

Mr Ridwan:My advice to the electorate is to abide by the law of the election Avoid the undo and do what is lawful Don’t sell your vote
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ANCHOR: Honorable Adebodun we really appreciate you for coming We hope next time when we call you ,you will answer us…..

Mr Ridwan: Thank you for the chance you gave me

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