Duality:The Reality of Life

It wouldn’t be my concern if wasn’t give birth to.. And I would have love to stay away from it if my inception started elsewhere. So far I had best moment and worst moment. Never know what awaits me in the upcoming days. Actually,i wish to express this feeling poetically but It’d be an understatement for each line. There are times I feel great,having the impression of the one of the happiest being on earth and also there are sometimes I never wish to be in this world. Things happen,people believe in many guiding forces of each day, some quoted “what happens in the spirit realm defines the physical ” So dualistic in nature filled with ups and downs ….Good days are limited, when life goes according to our plans.
I feel we have what it takes to deal with the bad days..The turbulence of life can be restricted. We can turn those rough rides into an awesome experience by considering few points below; Confront the situation and let it be your motivation, Remain Equanimous, Have faith, Find the positive path, Write and ask yourself series of questions to know what really life have for you. When we come face to face with adversity and difficulty, there are some of us who run away, and sometimes even try to anesthetize ourselves to the situation, hoping it will go away in the mean time; we watch television, get high, drink ourselves numb, go shopping, have sex, eat something tasty; we try to flee from what we dislike, to things we like. (Or think we like.) Stop and embrace whatever you are going through fully. Know you have the strength within you to persevere through it. It is only when you face life with clarity and sobriety will you be able to extract its raw wisdom. Utilise the bad day for your dream’s benefits

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