“No Chelsea fans will ever like Lionel messi” are the words I heard when having a friendly chat with a brother. It is almost becoming a doctrine that a particular football club is affiliated to a particular player.
The rivalry between Lionel messi and CR7 is something I found unhealthy and amusing because sometimes it always show you the level of football understanding an individual have and also the type of football an individual likes. Like messi is much of a proper football player than Ronaldo, the later can only intervene in a team play when it is time to score goals, not disputing the fact he is an excellent player and also shows good prowess in front of goal. But talking football as whole messi is player you hate to like and love to hate but it always seem impossible to hate him because of his football geniusity. It was a certain UCL final that I knew he is gonna be the the most amazing player to ever walk through the surface of the earth, how do we even explain a player very short (height 1.70m) that he has only score few headed goals but rise to the greatest occasion by beating a very tall van der sar also beating the post I call that very jump “rise to honour” because it the defining moment of of football on a new level that was when I knew I have chosen well. “Messi is the best player in the world by some distance. He’s like a PlayStation. He can take advantage of every mistake we make.” – Arsene wenger.
Lionel Messi should be regarded as the S.I unit of football because he is the level Evey footballer want to attain in their career. Every footballer ability should be measured in (1LM)= 1 lionel Messi therefore Lionel Messi himself is 1LM and that is what every footballers should be measured in so players like Neymar jnr, hazard and Salah should be around 0.32LM and Ronaldo should be 0.90LM.

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