The School, The student, The Expectations

Students are the key instrument in the
education system, so it only makes sense to include them in the conversation about their education expectation. Well, that’s not always the
case. Students are often on the receiving end of the “expectations” conversation. As most schools around the nation wrap up semester, I urge teachers and school leaders to think about student voice and how they can collect and meet the expectations that their students have of their education. Rather than schools setting expectations for student behavior, achievements, why don’t we all
take a step back and make sure that ourbstudents’ expectations are truly being heard and met.

This article consists of 5
expectations it believes all students should have of their schools. By my list, it’s certainly plausible that every student deserves and should have access to an engaging learning environment marked by these expectations. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration on what a student-centered learning approach looks like, then this article is for you.

1. Relationship: This is very delicate and important part of student expectations, it answers the questions, Am I just another face in the classroom, a test score? Or do my teachers know about me and my interests and talents? Do the teachers help me form relationships with peers and adults who might serve as models and coaches?

2. Relevance: Is it just a series of hoops to jump? Or is the work relevant to my interests? Do my teachers help me
understand how my learning contributes to my community and to the world?

3.Time. Am I expected to learn at a constant pace decided by the teacher, or can I learn at my own pace? Is there time for learning to be deep as well as broad?

4. Timing. Do all students have to learn things in the same sequence, or can I learn things in an order that fits my learning style or interests?

5. Play. Is there always pressure to perform? Or do I have opportunities to explore and make mistakes and learn from them, without being branded as a failure? Do I have opportunities to tinker and make guesses?

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