Well so many things are popping up the radar and so many people are saying different things about different people but Mizlight explained where she stood her ground on the matter.

Speaking to Talk9ja_tv she introduced herself by saying :

My name is Owotomo imoleayo oluwafunke,i was born and brought up in ondo state but i base in Lagos. Schooling here in adeyemi college of education,have been in school here since 2015, Am studying Economics social studies, Am in part 2

Well her first track titled “Gimme love” featuring ovuemax, during the conversation she was asked her take on the Entertainment Industry in Adeyemi college of education, she explained;

Atleast at this level things are going on smoothly and as well we can’t eradicate the other aspects

When she was asked to explain the term “other aspects” she mentioned the word BACKBITING and she said ;

No but people do say it and its normal among Entertainers

The simple truth is she is not wrong, further informations investigation shows that this is what is happening. When asked who her best producer is, she mentioned PITAR PYPAR and she hopes they work more and make more hits together.

She is about to release a new track titled YOU CARE. Anticipate as it drops soon

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