In this review I would like to discuss a little bit more about Legerweb, its pros and cons, and lastly, my personal opinion of Legerweb.

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What is Legerweb Surveys
Leger web Surveys is the largest Canadian-owned panel based in Montreal with members across Canada and the US. It is owned and run by Canadian market research company Leger Marketing. Legerweb survey panel was founded in 2004.
Moreover, Legerweb conducts somewhere between 500 survey studies on the internet every year. If you are from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain or the US you may be able to take surveys through this panel.

How do you earn money with Leger web
You earn money by completing surveys online. You will get survey notifications in your email. So that’s why you should always check your email for notifications. The pay range for surveys can run between 0.5 and up to $8 per survey (Legerweb states that once the points are earned there are up to 7 days before your account is credited).
Moreover, you can also earn money with Legerweb, if you refer members to join the panel. And you will earn a $1 per person referred to the panel. But be careful you can only earn $1 when your referral has completed his or her first survey, you will then earn $1. And you can cash out once you reach $20 in your account.

How Do i join Lergerweb?
To join lergerweb, you must have a VPN because this program is strictly for Usa, Canada, Brazil. So using a vpn makes you invisible and hiding your Ip which makes you look like you are in USA, so they wont detect you are from nigeria. I strongly recommend you use Windscribe Vpn you can download it from HERE After successfully Downloading the VPN, open it and click on Sign up to create your account, then click on login.
When you have logged in, you will see something like this on the image below.

Just choose US Central then tap on that Circle, then wait till it shows connected as shown in the image above
When it has connect, you can now proceed to sign up on Legerweb kindly CLICK HERE to join
Then Click on Sign UP shown below
Then fill in your details in the format below
Note: If you dont have USA address and phone number, you can Click the link below to generate
Click Here to generate
Just Guess any 10 numbers and use them as your number E.g 567 345 3487
After successfully Registration, Confirm your registration on your mail, then login.
When you login, click on Surveys, and make sure you answer all survey there to increase your earnings as shown below

How Do You Get Paid With Legerweb?
So once you reach the $20 in your account, you have the option of getting paid in number of ways. For instance you can get paid in the form of a check (Checks can then take between 2-3 weeks to arrive), Air Miles rewards miles, Airline miles, donations to Charity (Tax receipts are issued upon making charitable donations (Canada only)), Paypal, and sweepstakes entries.
Please make sure, if you want to be paid in the form of a check, you please fill out the correct address on file. This is the address Legerweb will use to send your checks to.
Who can join Legerweb?
Legerweb accepts individuals from the U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. But Nigerians can make use of VPN
How To Get More Surveys With Legerweb?
There is really nothing you can do to get more surveys. You just have to simply do the surveys, which you qualify for, and you will just realize after a few months or so, you will just start getting more and more surveys.
But please ensure that in order to remain as an active member with Legerweb, you must complete at least 3 surveys per year. Moreover, if you don’t redeem the dollars earned 2 years after they have been credited to your account you will lose them.
CLICK HERE Now to join LergerWeb
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