The popular musical comedian AMUSAN OLUWASEGUN A. K. A MC GODWIN
said in one of his interview with a reporter from the school entertainment that he has no OFFICIAL GIRLFRIEND neither does he has any girlfriend   thou he said he has a lot of ‘ex’ even ‘y’ but recently he has no official girlfriend. But it was quite unbelievable for a popular comedian like how not to have a girlfriend. It not a crime anyway just surprised. Peeps what do you think?

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  1. My theory is that little finger is plotting to
    marry Sansa in a plot to build forces in the north ,take the iron throne but little finger
    tells Jon that he loves Sansa as he loved Catelyn. He’s in love with her but i
    believe that he just meant it as I love her just
    as much as i did Catelyn which he would if she was his child.

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