I never wrote Apeke…
CORRESPONDENT :It is good to have around here once again…. How Are you doing?
ZINWESTTA : I’m good.
CORRESPONDENT : So….. Its bin a couple of days since the release of your latest track, ‘apeke’….. How Are ur fans turning out for it?
ZINWESTTA : Wow.. All thanks to almighty God because he has been a great God 2 me, my fans are wonderful, they would never let me down
CORRESPONDENT : That’s nice to hear. I listened to the track myself the day it was released

,I noticed it was also produced by piper….. Any reason why you decided to allow him produce virtually all ur songs?
ZINWESTTA : We both understand each other. CORRESPONDENT: Hmmmm.since when has he been producing your songs?

CORRESPONDENT: What inspired you to write the song? I mean, Apeke
ZINWESTTA: It’s just natural, it’s a freestyle song, i didnt write it down
CORRESPONDENT : Really? Is there any ‘apeke’ out there that we should know about?
ZINWESTTA : No APEKE anywhere ooo. I have my woman though
CORRESPONDENT: Hmmm…. Bad news to all of your female fans hoping you’d be single and ready to mingle. Can we meet her?
ZINWESTTA : Not yet my sister, still keeping my angel.
CORRESPONDENT : Ever been tempted to get another producer to produce ur song For you?
ZINWESTTA : It is normal if an artist works with different producers… No crime in that. But nothing is tempting me to work with someone else. when it is time, i will.
CORRESPONDENT : So, i just checked out the list of trending music on naijaloaded… ‘Apeke’ was ranked 4th…… How does that make you feel? ZINWESTTA : I felt good because i never expected that. Over 40songs were dropped after i dropped APEKE was only wondering how it was chosen out of several hits there… It has been God so far
CORRESPONDENT :So far, how many downloads has ‘Apeke’ got?
ZINWESTTA : I will ask for that when it is 2weeks. But I’ve been monitoring it, as at the time of this interview, it’s Over 10,000.
CORRESPONDENT :WOW. That’s….. awesome. Keep up the good work, bruh.
CORRESPONDENT: So… There was a recent hiccup in the relationship btwn Jay Rapiano and his manager….. Pple had different views. Some claimed it was a publicity stunt, others said Jay Rapiano was @ fault.. Whats ur own opinion? ZINWESTTA : It wasnt a stunt, something came up actually but we thank God it has been settled, it is normal between artiste nd manager
CORRESPONDENT: Sounds like you have had a hiccup or two in ur relationship with your manager recently ?
ZINWESTTA : No, nothing like that. It might still happen but for now,we are cool.
CORRESPONDENT: So…. When should we expect your EP?
ZINWESTTA : January by God’s grace
CORRESPONDENT: Great… Who and who should we be expecting on ur EP?
ZINWESTTA : A tanzanian celeb.. Name undisclosed for now nd some naija celeb also by God’s grace
CORRESPONDENT: Thanks for your time, but before we wrap up this interview ,any thing you’d like to tell ur fans?
ZINWESTTA : They should keep believing in me, we would make it one day.
This interview was conducted and edited by Mija.

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