What do you know about C.VINE-X dance crew? , ok here is whats up, C.VINE-X dance crew ACE chapter was founded by Master Tolu along a host of others and
its is presently oversees by Mr Tobi. C.VINE-X dance crew is built on the foundation of family , trust and respect, and like any other dance crew they do have their set backs, but the most amazing thing about this dance crew is that they keep on moving together as a
family, they had a major break-through for the past two years , firstly they came second in a dance competition organized by an anonymous group that was done at the gymnastic stadium Adeyemi College Education 2015. Secondly, they were signed as a dance crew into an anonymous label a 2 years deal. C.VINE-X dance crew continues to grow in skills, moves and creativity.

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